• How Might A Naturopath Treat Fibromyalgia?

    Fibromyalgia is a very complex condition. Some people respond well to prescription medications intended to manage its symptoms, and others do not. The depression, pain, stiffness, and brain fog often associated with fibromyalgia can be really tough to live with, and you may start to feel a letdown if conventional treatments are not working for you. But don't lose hope! Many patients find that seeing a naturopathic physician is the turning point for their fibromyalgia.
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  • 6 Benefits Of X-Ray Services In Long-Term Care Facilities

    As the population of older adults continues to grow, it is increasingly important that long-term care facilities provide quality services to ensure their health, comfort, and safety. Long-term care X-ray services are one way these facilities can do this, offering a range of benefits for both patients and staff. Here are five benefits of long-term care X-ray services.  1. Timely Diagnosis X-rays allow medical professionals to quickly and accurately diagnose medical conditions that may otherwise be difficult to detect.
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  • The Role Of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy After Pregnancy

    Pregnancy has a major impact on the body. Even after labor and delivery, you may feel the impact on your pelvic floor. If you're concerned with your pelvic floor, you may turn to physiotherapy to treat the common issues that develop with pregnancy. Here's what you should know about pelvic floor physiotherapy. Strengthens Muscles The pelvic floor muscles are located at the base of your pelvis and help to support the bladder, uterus, clitoris, and rectum.
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