3 Smart Tips For Preventing Hernia Re-Injury

Posted on: 7 November 2016


Hernia surgery can't always be avoided, but you can keep recurring instances of hernia injury to a minimum. First and foremost, always follow the advice of your doctor so that you what your physical limitations are immediately after surgery. Some lifestyle changes may also be necessary so that you can fully recover after hernia surgery and ward against re-injury, but these adaptations will allow you to live pain free.

1. Minimize Bending, Lifting and Exerting Yourself Physically - Your surgeon will probably tell you that you should avoid heavy lifting, bending at the waist, or just generally pushing your body too hard in the days and perhaps even months after you have been operated on. Although you may not be restricted on how much weight you can carry, it is a good idea to avoid lifting anything that truly feels heavy to you. Ask a friend or relative or find an alternative means to get heavier objects where they need to go rather than lifting them and putting your body at at risk. 

2. Learn the Proper Lifting Posture - Many hernia injuries occur when a person either frequently lifts objects that are too heavy or in an instant after lifting something that is too burdensome, weight wise. Most of these types of hernia injuries can be avoided by learning proper lifting techniques. You may get better leverage by bending at the waist when you go to pick something up from the ground, but that type of movement puts a tremendous strain on the back and groin area.

Bending at the knees with your arms extended and your back perpendicular to the ground will make it easier for you to pick up heavy object, while protecting your vulnerable parts. It will take some time for you to remember the proper lifting posture when you go to move a heavy object, but this method is overall much healthier for those with hernia injuries.

3. Listen to Your Body - If an object feels too heavy, or if you don't feel comfortable reaching for something that is situated high over your head, don't attempt to retrieve it. You may not want to depend on other people to complete simple tasks, but being prideful and ending up re-injuring your hernia will leave you much worse off. The results of your hernia repair surgery can last for rest of your lifetime if you take your time when lifting and reaching for heavy objects.

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