2 Tips For Losing Weight By Making Small Changes In Your Eating Habits

Posted on: 29 August 2017


If you have decided you want to lose some of your excess weight, you may think you have to radically change your diet to do so. However, there are small changes you can make in your eating habits that will help you shed off some of the pounds without having to do a complete diet makeover.

Use Small Plastic Bags to Portion Out Snacks

If you like to eat potato chips or other types of snacks while watching television, you may find yourself mindlessly eating. Before you know it, you may have finished a half or an entire bag of chips before your show is over. Or, if you snack while you are at work, you may lose track of the number of cookies you eat, as well as the calories they contain.

To keep a better accounting of your snacks, use small plastic bags to pre-pack the right portion size. Doing this not only gives you an exact calorie count, but also it protects you from unknowingly eating three or four times the amount of calories that you wanted.

For example, if the portion listed on a bag of chips says 15 contains 200 calories, count out 15 potato chips for each bag. Then, store them away in your cabinet or pantry so you can grab one the next time your favorite TV show comes on.

Switch Out One Ingredient in Your Recipes

Another small change you can make is to switch out one ingredient of your favorite recipes and replace it with a healthier option. While this may not seem as though it could help a lot, the fat content in some ingredients can increase the calorie count significantly.

For example, if you love making homemade buttermilk pancakes, swap out the high-fat buttermilk with a cup of 2-percent milk. Also, avoid smothering the pancakes with real butter, opting for a vegetable oil-based spread. Then, instead of topping everything off with syrup that has a high sugar content, use a sugar-free or reduced sugar variety. 

Making small changes in your eating habits can help you lose the weight at a steady, healthy pace. However, if you want to kick your weight loss efforts up a notch and replace an entire meal with nothing but healthy foods, you may want to find a weight loss cookbook in ebook format that can give you new recipes and ideas for delicious, but healthy, dishes.