Discover Headache Relief Through Physiotherapy

Posted on: 13 December 2018


Do you suffer from chronic headaches? If you've tried medication, holistic rituals, dietary changes, and everything else you've gotten feedback about, all hope is not lost. Physiotherapy is an alternative option that might offer you the relief you've been seeking. 


Physiotherapy is a form of medical therapy that is intended to deliver treatment to individuals who suffer from disabilities, injuries, and chronic illnesses, including headaches. Through the treatment, a physiotherapist performs different manipulation techniques, educates their patient on their condition, and provides helpful insight on things he or she can do outside of therapy to help improve their condition. 

Helpful Practices

Learn about some of the helpful practices that physiotherapy treatment typically involves.

Exercise Techniques

Exercise is often talked about for its benefits for heart health and weight loss. However, exercise is important for muscle strength. In order to support the weight of your head, your neck muscles have to be strong. If they are weak, you're more likely to exercise poor posture practices that can put your muscles out of alignment and lead to a headache. Improving your exercise for the muscles in your neck increases their strength, which can improve your posture and help minimize your headache concerns. 

Massage Therapy

The human body is intended to operate in a fluid manner. Stiffness and limited mobility issues are not the norms. Stiffness in areas like your neck can lead to headache concerns because it can put pressure on the tissues and muscles that support your neck and your head. A therapist can work with you by performing targeted massage techniques that will safely loosen the stiffness, relax the tissues and the muscles and help ease your discomfort. In addition to reduced headaches, you might also experience increased mobility. 

Ergonomic Adjustments

People suffer from chronic headaches for a variety of different reasons. Some people have underlying medical conditions that can induce headaches, such as high blood pressure. However, tension headaches can originate from a problem with the spine, particularly if it is out of alignment. In this instance, a physiotherapist can perform ergonomic adjustments that work to gradually correct the placement of your spine and work to eliminate your headache symptoms. The physiotherapist can also introduce posture changes that you can make outside the medical office to improve your condition.

Leave your days of suffering behind you. Speak with a physiotherapist who will speak with you about your condition and help you discover how physiotherapy treatment might help your situation.