How to Grow Your Massage Therapy Career

Posted on: 18 January 2019


A skilled, guided touch can go a long way toward helping a person's health. That's why massage therapy is such a burgeoning industry right now. Studies show that massage therapy was a $16 billion industry in 2017. 

With more people getting on board with forms of health care like acupuncture and cryotherapy, it's a good bet that massage therapy will keep gaining traction. Use these tips to help you become a working, licensed massage therapist. 

Know Why Massage Therapy Is Such a Helpful Profession, Map Out Your 5-Year Career Plan, and Research the Best Massage Therapy Classes 

It's easier to study the long hours and do the legwork to get your massage therapy business off the ground when you believe in what you're doing. Looking into how massage therapy helps people can make this picture clearer for you. 

For example, chronic pain hinders some 20% of adults today. Because of this, people need a helping hand just being free in their own bodies. Massage can also relax people's stress and anxiety and is a practice that has a huge amount of health benefits. 

Knowing the power of the skills you're about to receive should drive you to find the massage therapy classes that will work for you. Choose a massage therapy school that doesn't just teach you the skills but also helps you find the right track for your career. One person might want to open a sauna or wellness center, while another may choose to work with athletic programs. 

It starts with getting the skills, so book some tours of massage therapy schools, break out a journal, and start planning out the first steps of your career. 

Market Yourself Based on Your Specialties and Learn New Information in Your Field

A lot of massage therapists are also entrepreneurs. When you get your skills and the license to practice massage, you'll then be able to market yourself to start finding new clients. 

Getting hands-on experience by shadowing massage therapists and taking apprenticeships can also help you get some great resume references. Start a YouTube channel where you talk about the medical benefits of massage and lots of other wellness information that people can use. 

As you grow your brand, you'll be better able to market your massage therapy service, and you will have to keep learning more about the field. Immerse yourself in massage therapy and you'll always be useful to your clients. 

These tips will help you shape your massage therapy career.