4 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Mobile X-Ray Machine

Posted on: 28 May 2021


For a long time, hospitals used fixed x-ray machines that are large and heavy. However, technology has significantly revolutionized the healthcare sector. Mobile x-ray machines have now been developed to provide screening opportunities in and outside the hospital. The machine has significantly changed the face of diagnostic imaging, benefiting both patients and practitioners. Have you invested in one yet?

Here are four reasons why you should try a portable x-ray machine:

1. It's Convenient for Patients

Imagine the inconveniences that patients experience while being moved to the radiology department for an x-ray examination. Some of them are in critical condition, and hospital trips may cause more harm than good. Others are bed-ridden and cannot move even an inch from the hospital bed. In all these cases, a portable device would be of great help. 

Since the devices are motorized while others have stand-on wheels, the technologists can move them to the patient's location, either in the ward or at home. Studies show that the use of mobile x-ray machines is one way of eliminating all the risks associated with patient transport, including traumatic injuries, infections, and death.

2. Reduced Wait-Times

A portable x-ray cannot be compared with a fixed one, especially regarding its processing speed. Unlike traditional computed radiography, mobile digital radiography displays images immediately after the capture, meaningfully reducing patient wait-time. In the case of emergency cases, patients can be diagnosed and treated in the shortest time possible. 

3. Enhanced Safety

As you know, x-rays are associated with an increased risk of cancer. Also, prolonged exposure to high radiation levels can have adverse effects on patients, such as hair loss, bleeding, vomiting, and fainting. However, a mobile x-ray machine is different. 

The device combines a collimator, high-pressure generator, x-ray tube, and a unique closed design. Thus, the radiation to the human body is substantially reduced. The limited radiation dose makes the machine appropriate when taking head and chest images, among other vital organs.

4. High Image Quality

X-ray image quality is a significant determinant of diagnostic success. Unlike the traditional fixed x-ray machines, portable devices are equipped with high-tech features. For instance, the machine comes with digital post-processing software that can highly enhance the final image.

For the fixed devices, it is not possible to get high-resolution images without increasing the radiation dose. However, when using a mobile digital radiography x-ray system, technologists can lower radiation and still capture high-quality images.


If you want to increase diagnostic efficacy while guaranteeing patient safety, you should try a mobile x-ray machine. With the machine, you can take high-quality images without having patients transported to the radiology department.