Decisions To Make When You Buy Scrub Pants

Posted on: 17 January 2022


If you need to buy scrubs to wear for your job, it's important to do your shopping at a medical apparel supplier that has a large selection of products. This will allow you to evaluate all sorts of sets of scrubs to ensure that you find the right product for you. Where the pants are concerned, there are lots of things to think about as you compare different garments. Here are some important decisions that you'll need to make as you narrow down your choices to find the right scrub pants.


When you look at a selection of scrub pants, you'll see pants with different amounts of rise. In clothing, this term refers to the distance from the waistband of the garment to the bottom of the crotch. Commonly, see you'll see terms such as high rise, mid rise, and low rise when you shop for scrubs. You'll want to think about what style feels most comfortable for you. It may be useful to consider what type of rise you have in your everyday pants. Some people favor the feeling of their waistband being up high; this individual would likely want high-rise scrubs. Conversely, if your belly is a bit pronounced, you might find that it's more comfortable to have a low-rise design because the waistband will sit below your stomach.


Some scrub pants have a high percentage of elastic in them, while others do not. The former style offers more stretch, which a lot of people find comfortable. It can be useful to consider how much you move your body in different ways during your shift. If you frequently have to bend and crouch to help your patients get in and out of bed, for example, you'll likely want scrub pants with a higher percentage of elastic so that you'll be able to move your lower body more freely.


Scrubs typically have an elastic waistband, but you'll also find garments that have a drawstring as part of the waistband. If you find that your weight often fluctuates, you might favor a pair of pants that includes a drawstring. For example, if the waistband of the pants is a little loose at any given point, you'll be able to easily pull the drawstring to give the waistband a snugger fit. Similarly, when the scrubs feel tight, letting out the drawstring a little can provide more comfort.

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