Abdominal Pain: When Should You Worry?

Posted on: 12 May 2015

The majority of your body's organs reside between your legs and your chest, so it makes sense that there can be a wide margin for causes in abdominal pain-- usually related to digestion. Although it is always great to check with your doctor if you're suffering, sometimes, you might wonder if you're just being paranoid or if you're healthy enough to stay at home and rest instead of taking a trip to the health clinic.
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4 Things That Will Be Done At Your Child's First Orthodontic Appointment

Posted on: 17 March 2015

When you take your child to his or her first orthodontic appointment, your child will not get braces, but this appointment is necessary for other reasons. There are four main things that will be completed during this initial appointment, and you should expect the visit to last for at least an hour. This visit will help you understand more about the process, what your child needs, and the cost that will be involved with the procedure.
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Tips To Reduce Infection Risks After Laser Tattoo Removal

Posted on: 18 February 2015

If you have a tattoo on your body that you no longer like, then you may be considering laser tattoo removal. During the removal process, wavelengths of light are passed through the skin and the ink or pigmentation that makes up the tattoo absorbs the light. The energy forces the inks to break up into small pieces and the body naturally gets rid of it. When this happens, the skin becomes damaged to some degree and this leaves the treatment area susceptible to infections.
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Chronic Pain: Effects And Treatment Options Available

Posted on: 10 February 2015

Living with any type of chronic pain can rob you of joy, peace, comfort, and satisfaction in life. If you are starting to lose interest in life because of the pain you constantly feel, it's time to get help. Your general doctor might not be able to help you a lot with this pain, but a chronic pain centre can. Chronic pain centres understand pain and the causes of it, and they are able to help minimize most types of chronic pain.
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